Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Toyota Prius

I'll admit it, I love our Toyota Prius. I love that we sacrificed a lot of things to be able to afford it, and every time I sit in the driver's seat, I feel lucky to be sitting there. It's a car. It's not just a car. It is a life-altering vehicle. It is a sign of the times and its popularity speaks volumes about what so many people actually want.

Not Hummers. Not Lincoln Navigators.

While I don't doubt that there are many uses for such vehicles, It's not commuting up a scenic highway that passes from Old Saybrook, CT to the hospital this doctor must work at in Middletown. Ridiculous. I see this guy on the highway and want to ticket him for idiocy. Sure he has earned the money to buy expensive things and show off his success. Great! Good for him! Does he have to drive such a ridiculous vehicle to do it?

Back to the Prius. We had a car that kept breaking down and it was just time to be replaced. We sold it to a guy that fixed it up and bought it to save himself money on gas because it happened to get much better mileage than his current car. We knew we wanted a Prius, but good luck finding one. People buying them today, off the lot, are lucky. There are tons of people like us who put down a deposit, submitted an order, and waited months to have the privilege of driving this futuristic machine.

The Prius changes the way you drive. It gives you a gentle reminder that accelerating too fast burns more gas. It shows you right up front how much gas you are using, and when you alter your habits a little, it rewards you with a little green car icon, like a friendly pat on the back saying, 'hey, you have generated more electricity than in the previous 5 miles.'

The Prius is far from the only hybrid car, and is one of several gas-reducing technologies out there. People often compare only the bottom line (price) and the miles per gallon. The Honda Fit probably gets better gas mileage than the Hybrid Civic, but it's missing something. The Toyota Yaris no doubt gets much better mileage than the Toyota Hylander Hybrid... But the next time you pull up to a red light next to a(ny) hybrid vehicle, I want you to roll down your window and listen.

Enjoy the silence. That silence is the sound of gas not burning. My favorite thing, every time I drive the Prius, is when the gas engine shuts off, while driving or at stops. It is such a wonderful feeling.


Anonymous said...

I’ve been searching for a blog to vent this to! My number one pet peeve is a noisy vehicle. And who do I have for a neighbor? A cocky 21-year-old meathead who drives a bigass yellow monster truck with dual exhaust, although it sounds like no exhaust. First of all, I cannot stand vehicles – mostly motorcycles – that whiz by my road, marked speed limit 25, and rev, rev, rev!!! It’s not only bad for my ears but bad for the environment. I always yell curse words at them. I know they cannot hear me, but I yell anyway. Do they have to waste three times as much gas revving down a residential street? Who’s attention do they seek? Well, they got mine and my middle finger every time. But back to the meathead. Yes, I live by a pet peeve. I know when he’s coming home because I can recognize the monster machine from a mile away. When he gets home, he lets it run for a minute before he turns it off. And when he leaves, he lets it warm up for a good five or so, or longer. It’s enough to make my head explode. The vibrations, the low, low vibrations, shake my house like an earthquake. Last year, one of my pictures fell off the nail. I hate that damn truck. But what to do about it. He impresses the meatheadettes with his powerful, manly monster truck! For some reason the young ladies are wooed by the low, rumbling, put-put-put, put-put-put diesel-guzzling engine. “They think my monster truck is sexy” I heard him told his poodlekashitzu the other day. Well, maybe I made that up, but bottom line. I cannot stand noisy trucks. There is nothing sexy about them. Like a man who talks way too much and is loud. In my opinion, it is the quiet Prius which is much sexier.

Anonymous said...

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Carlos Harris said...

Toyota has started working on the next-generation,It's too soon to comment on engine specs and other technical details. Speaking of the exerior of yaris 2019 , from back its look a lot like corolla and front and sides are civic buts its looking beautiful. AND Exterior is superb whereas interior is dull black and I don't like.Interior should be like previous model or some more addition on that.I didn't see a wow look in interior. Same routine continuity. You can't say that "this feature" is a new concept.

JohnRMay said...

Look forward to see the next generation of Toyota!Toyota Malaysia

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