Monday, February 16, 2015

NASA warning of 'megadroughts' coming to USA

As everyone is aware, it is snowing a lot in the Northeast this winter. The pictures coming out of Boston, MA are pretty much unbelievable.

This, of course, has many folks joking about climate change being a farce. Queue the "Al Gore is fat" jokes from this crowd.

That said, snow melts. New England will deal with it. It's a mess, but it ultimately takes care of itself.

Unless we can learn to economically desalinate ocean water, I'm not sure how the Western half of the United States is going to deal with this.

It's surprising that anyone jokes about any of this any more. Or that politicians haggle over whether or not they 'agree' with scientists. I don't know when scientific evidence became a thing to 'decide' about whether or not to 'believe'.

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