Thursday, August 28, 2008

FSC Certified Wood

Nicole and I are in the midst of doing a project on our house that requires a fair amount of lumber. We tried for weeks to track down FSC certified wood and I am very sorry to say that we were not able to find any that made sense for us to buy. What I mean by that is I did track some down but the company is an hour away, they would have charged a couple hundred dollars to deliver the wood, and at that point it was a deal breaker. I do not believe that any of the local lumberyards purchase old growth wood, although some of the wood does come from Canada, where the rules are lest strict about managing forests. If you are setting about building anything, I do encourage you to see if you can find FSC certified wood. They are very strict about their certification, which factors in the forestry management, shipping distances and practices, etc. It is with head in hands that we were not able to use this kind of wood. Not every battle can be won, I suppose, but it stinks to want to do everything we can and not really be able to do something this important to us. Kind of like our desire to recycle all our plastics.

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