Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Four copies of the movie still available

In case you missed it, I am doing a little project here on the blog and wanted to let you know, in case you were wondering, that I still have four copies of the 11th Hour available if you'd like to participate. Be sure to read the original blog post and email me if you would like to participate and can abide by the rules. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Horrah, I am the first accounted-for 11th Hour watcher! I just wanted to give a short, two-cents about the film. You don’t need to be a hard core environmentalist to appreciate this movie. In fact, everyone and anyone should see this. It is a straight up, smack you in the face with here is the truth about what is happening to our planet Earth right now message. Bottom line, if we don’t do something, we’re going to become extinct. Life will go on, but not without humans. One of the men said a first-year college student can ID 1,000 corporations by their logo but cannot even ID 10 native species. How sad is that! There’s a lot more I could write but I rather just leave the details to the movie. It’s certainly worth watching. I suggest watching it in spurts because the film throws so much information at you at once, it can be a little overwhelming. You’ll learn about everything from the water retention of trees (so important to prevent flooding!) to the importance of fungi growing in the soil (it cleans!). So grab some popcorn (hopefully natural organic popping corn) and a few open-minded buddies and make a night of it. Good lookin’ host Leo DiCaprio doesn’t hurt either, ladies ;)

Marlee said...

Our family watched the movie as well...Our count total = 5...The husband and myself have had some interesting conversation about the changes we would like to see and the changes that might actually be feasable. the oldest child,9, had a few comments...the 8 and 5 year old didn't have much to say, but they at least watched.

Thanks! The Clarks